JIHOČESKÝ JAZZOVÝ FESTIVAL - Greetings from partners (21.04.2021 - 19:54)

Greetings from partners

Greeting from Juraj Thoma
Greeting from Juraj Thoma

České Budějovice are for several years the place of meeting for world musicians on the open scene, which is visited by the supporters of quality jazz from every corner of Czech Republic.

It pleases me, that thanks to the organizers of the Jihočeský jazzový festivalu we can prove to the visitors of our town and also its citizens, that České Budějovice are a lively city, where there is always something happening and which can be proud to presents to its citizens and visitors the best possible cultural events in the form of the best world jazz musicians. I wish that the new festival would receive the support it deserves from the visitors even from outside of our region and that those supporters will always enjoy the productions of the top jazz players.


Greeting from Jiří Zimola
Greeting from Jiří Zimola

Every musical genre has its charm, poetics, suspense, its life, composer and listener. Music is the cradle of our soul, the source of emotion, and calm, pleasant partner. Jazz lacks none of those things. Its plurality, roughness, raw but at the same time passionately perceived poem with free verse is simply indefinable.

That is why I am glad, that South Bohemia has become the home for the world class jazz and that the best oversees and European musicians will enrich the visitors of our region, who have come to visit the attractions of the south-bohemian region. But also that it will please the citizens of our towns. I believe that the festival will find its audience and that it will offer unforgettable experiences, which will remind everybody of South Bohemia and will make everybody return next year.

Allow me to which everybody the best possible experience filled with stars under the south bohemian jazz sky.

Jiří Zimola
Hetman of South-Bohemian province


Positive energy for South Bohemia
Positive energy for South Bohemia

Erik Truffaz, Jacky Terrasson, Guločar..... Names, which are hardly resistible by anybody who know anything about current jazz, and not only jazz experts. And in the same way the nuclear power plant Temelín was not able to resist. Jihočeský jazzový festival is surely one of the most important musical events, which is enriching the culture in south-bohemian region and I am sure that it will please tourists and citizens alike. Anybody will be able to listen to the best pianists, guitarists and singers completely for free, and such an attraction will liven up the squares of the historic towns. Therefore I firmly believe, that not only hard-core fans, but also incidental visitors will remember South Bohemia as a amazing cultural place, filled with positive energy. I am proud, that even we take part in the spreading of this positive energy through music.

To the visitors of Jihočeský jazzový festival I wish the best musical experiences. And at the same time I wish all the best to the organizers, who are surely eagerly awaiting the best possible weather and as much positively disposed visitors as possible.

                      Miloš Štěpanovský
                      Director of NP Temelín




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