JIHOČESKÝ JAZZOVÝ FESTIVAL - České Budějovice (21.04.2021 - 18:48)

České Budějovice

České Budějovice

Piaristické Square

České Budějovice? Piaristické Square
We invite you to visit Česke Budějovice, hundred thousand head metropolis of the South-Bohemia which you can couple with the visit of the cultural event like Jihočeský jazzový festival.

The coupling of fine jazz and historical core of the city - beautiful squared square, which is dominated by the water fountain with the strong armed Samson, splendidly adorned town hall and the Back tower neighboring with the cathedral of St. Nicholas will leave you with lasting impression.

During the breaks between individual concerts take your time and explore the city with its number of different monuments and pleasant places, like for example the oldest building in the city - the Dominican monastery with the church Obětování Panny Marie on the Piaristické square from the year 1265. Right in the vicinity is an interesting building of the former salt-house and armory, where today you can find bike museum. Castle tower - Rabenštejnská and Železná panna are waiting for you during your stroll on the banks of a cutoff of the river Malše.

Do you enjoy fine cuisine and new and exciting beverages? Then you are in the right place, because here we brew the best beer and out hospitability is renowned. The restaurant Masné krámy has been recently re-opened, but not only there you can taste the local specialties and wash them down with the local beer Budwar.

Our town pleasantly combines the history and the modern dynamic living - everybody can satisfy their tastes. Visit, meet, taste and we believe that you will be happy to come back.



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